Meet the Nit Nanny

Meet The Nit Nanny

Betsy Herrington has always been accused of being a little nit-picky, but for the past few years, it has come in very handy!  The Nit Nanny began her quest to rid the world of head lice in 2009 after a personal experience in her own home left her scratching her head.  Just like many moms before her, she found the shampoos and treatments sold in stores weren't working as lice have built up a resistance to current pediculicides and, in many cases, are completely ineffective.  After much research, Betsy realized the perfect combination for effective lice treatment lies in an effective and non-toxic shampoo, a serious comb and a proven technique.  Years later Betsy has treated hundreds of families for head lice and educated schools and parents on the finer points of successful head lice treatment. 

A former teacher with a graduate degree in Special Education, Betsy has twenty years of experience in owning and operating a small business and in marketing and business development in the medical field.  This business experience, combined with her personal experience with head lice, has given her a real appreciation for the service that she provides and her customers' positive experiences.  She understands the importance of a trained and proven technique, a safe and effective product and the compassion needed to deal with such a trying issue as head lice.

Betsy lives in Lexington, KY with her husband Terry, son Parker and annoying Schnauzer, Tag.  She regularly travels throughout the state helping families rid themselves of head lice.