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The Nit Nanny to the rescue

Some people might call Betsy Herrington a real nit picker. And to her, that's a compliment. Herrington appeared on ABC36 WTVQ Lexington yesterday morning to discuss her unique service – The Nit Nanny. Visit her website at

And just what is it that causes Ms. Herrington to whip out her fine tooth comb? Nits! Or, to be more specific...head lice.

Betsy Herrington's service, The Nit Nanny, is the answer to the prayers of parents all across Central Kentucky. Every school year, hundreds of parents pick up the telephone and hear those 5 dreaded words - “Your child has head lice.”

But it's what comes after that that's even worse – “You have to come and pick him/her up now and he/she can't come back to school until it's cleared up!”

Herrington had this exact same experience with her child and, after spending a small fortune on over-the-counter products that didn't clear up the problem she decided to do some research and finally found an all-natural remedy.

Herrington says her research revealed that people need to get over the stigma attached to head lice. These nagging little invaders don't care how much money you have and their choice of your child's scalp or his friend's as their next home site has nothing to do with how clean or dirty your child is. What you need to concentrate on is getting rid of the little freeloaders.

Herrington explains that the reason head lice are such a huge problem is that most people don't know the proper way of treating the little trouble makers and they also don't realize that it could be that every member of the family is infected, not just the child.

If you discover your child has head lice, Herrington, a.k.a. The Nit Nanny, will come to your home so everything is kept private and confidential. She'll treat the infected person, or the entire family if necessary, and then teach you what you need to do for the next two weeks to make sure the little varmints are completely gone.

Herrington also brings along all the necessary products, including shampoos and products to treat bedding and other household items. These are all products she researched and created herself, using all-natural ingredients, and they all carry her own private label - “Outta Your Hair.”

The Nit Nanny services Fayette and surrounding counties. For more information you can call 859-699-2655 or visit Herrington's website at